Linux + PostgreSQL Consulting

The best for your needs and the most from your system
We offer our widest-covering range of services to meet your needs.

SRA OSS LLC has accumulated tremendous experience and know-how in system configuration utilizing open source software.

However, we are particularly fluent with consultation related to the design and development of such ubiquitous systems as Linux + Apache + Tomcat or Web applications like PHP + PostgreSQL.

In order to increase the value and productivity of your system, we will base our evaluation on a small hearing to properly attend to your particular needs.

Needs that include construction of a new system within a PostgreSQL + Linux environment, data transfer from a professional database to PostgreSQL, or a lay out plan for the enhancement of an already existing PostgreSQL system, can all be met through our experience-based knowledge and effective technical skills.

DB Design Support

Our suggestions for optimum database design are determined by your system’s environment, intended purposes, and database size.

We provide advice to bring out the best performance in your system in terms of process speed, search efficiency, and so on.

PostgreSQL Customization

Taking advantage of our deep knowledge and know-how as a PostgreSQL committer, we provide customization services according to your unique needs and application.

Please consult us freely.

Fine Tuning(Performance improvement)

Database issues are investigated through a highly accurate performance analysis and system commissioning procedure.

Our proposals for system enhancement procedures are intended to evermore improve the performance of your system.

Proposals for Cluster Configuration

For use of PostgreSQL in the most stable environment, we offer high-reliability systems utilizing cluster configuration.

We also support non-stop activity and services

Examples of Our Service

The following are a few examples of the kinds of customers who have utilized SRA OSS LLC’s consulting services.

ASP service provider company

Performance analysis and consulting on backend database (PostgreSQL) used in Internet log analysis for backend database (PostgreSQL)

Contents support for cellular phones company

Consulting for design and performance verification of renewed backend database (PostgreSQL) dedicated to cellular phone contents and system performance verification consulting

Major information and communications company

Design and transition support consulting for backend database (PostgreSQL) version upgrade for a customer management system

We will provide proposals and support according to your needs. For more information, please inquire about us at