SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

Company Overview

We, SRA OSS, Inc., as a total solution supplier of open source software, provide consulting, software support and training services, as well as supply the PostgreSQL based PowerGres Family database software.

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PostgreSQL Support and Maintenance Services

We offer total support service in everything from installation and settings calibration support, to questions regarding usage and settings while under development, to fine-tuning and software failure support.

We offer commercial support for pgpool-II starting from 400,000 JPN/1 year with unlimited incidents. We have pgpool-II core developers in-house and can provide the best support for pgpool-II.

Linux + PostgreSQL Consulting

SRA OSS, Inc. has accumulated tremendous experience and know-how in system configuration utilizing open source software. However, we are particularly fluent with consultation related to the design and development of such ubiquitous systems as Linux + Apache + Tomcat or Web applications like PHP + PostgreSQL.

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